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Eaton releases the 5S UPS to replace the 5110

6 Jul 2013 10:22 AM -

Eaton have released the new 5S UPS to replace the venerable 5110.

We sold more 5110's than any other UPS for PC's, small servers, phone systems and storage arrays because they offered good performance at a good price point.

The new 5S comes in a range of 5 tower models - all of which have slightly higher ratings than the respective 5110 models they replace.

The 5S 550VA/330W and 700VA/420W models offer an LED interface and the new Eaton UPS Companion software for monitoring UPS performance.

The 5S 850VA/510W, 1200VA/750W and 1600VA/100W models offer an LCD panel long with UPS Companion software.

Eaton UPS's are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

Contact us to see if an Eaton UPS is right for your application.

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