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Eaton introduce the new 5E UPS

28 Feb 2014 11:25 PM -
Eaton have introduced the 5E range of Line Interactive UPS's designed for Workstations, Telephone Systems, networking equipment and point-of-sale terminals that offer voltage regulation of Boost and Fade for an input voltage of 170 to 280 Volts without having to switch to battery so you have maximum capacity in the case of a complete power failure.

The Eaton 5E offers the following models:
  • 650VA/380 Watt
  • 850VA/480 Watt
  • 100VA/660 Watt
  • 1500VA/900 Watt
  • 2000VA/1200 Watt

The two smaller models are fanless for noise sensitive situations with two standard 3-pin output sockets and the larger models have three 3-pin.

The batteries are charged even when the UPS is turned off but still plugged into the mains. The Eaton 5E can be used as a portable power source with output voltage available with no input voltage.

The Eaton 5E features an HID-compliant USB port for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac/Linux) and compatibility with Eaton UPS Companion power management software.

The full range of Eaton UPS models is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.
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