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Dovado Tiny 4G-optimised USB router

7 Jan 2014 6:00 PM -
The last of the current Dovado products available in Australia is the Dovado TINY.

Measuring just 87 x 58 x 20mm and 80g, the Dovado TINY 4G-optimised USB Router allows you to insert your 4G/LTE or 3G mobile broadband USB modem and share your Internet connection via Ethernet and Wireless LAN, providing access to all your computers and wireless-enabled devices throughout your home or office. The router provides a round-the-clock connection, as one would experience with fixed broadband.

To speed the initial setup, the Dovado TINY Router includes Mobile Internet Auto-Configuration Solution (MIAS). Upon inserting the USB modem into the router, MIAS  identifies which country and operator your SIM card subscribes to. Experience the highest
connection uptime with the SmartUSB port; re-powering the USB modem at first sign of trouble.

Despite being smaller than the GO, the TINY still offers one Ethernet LAN port, an Ethernet WAN port (both Fast Ethernet) as well as 802.11n Lite 150 Mbps WiFi for local wireless connectivity. From here, your router will connect to the mobile broadband operator and provide all the clients in your network with the fastest possible Internet access. You can also instruct the Dovado TINY via SMS to execute tasks such as a full restart of the device, connect/disconnect the Internet, and check the overall status with an SMS compatible modem. The TINY can operate in Routed or Bridged modes, allowing you to complete your desired setup.

The Dovado TINY along with the other models in the Dovado range are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.
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