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Dovado Pro

7 Jan 2014 5:19 PM -
Dovado is fairly new to Australia and have a small but specialised range of router/access points designed primarily for 3G/4G connectivity.

The first one we introduce is the Dovado PRO which is billed as "the world's fastest router for 4G/LTE modems".

The Dovado PRO looks like your typical home/SOHO router with Gigabit WAN, 4 x Gigabit LAN and USB ports along with 2 x wireless antennas which allow 300Mbps throughput on 2.4GHz.

With the latest USB modems, good signal and carrier permitting - 150Mbps throughput is possible. Depending on where you are in Australia and what carrier you are on will dictate the available speed. In Brisbane on Telstra as an example, 75Mbps is theoretically possible.

Providing you a second USB port, the Dovado PRO unlocks a great deal of potential. For example, it is possible (with help of a 3rd party Home Automation USB controller) to remotely control the lighting and heating within your home with anything from a simple SMS command to a smartphone app.

Dovado PRO and other Dovado products can be ordered from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.
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