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Data Centre update

23 Feb 2011 10:09 PM -

2011 is going to be an interesting year for data centres with advancements like 10GbE now available on server motherboards and a whole host of other improvements to increase performance and reduce energy consumption.

The new electronics will enable a low-power mode (2.5W per port) to be maintained up to 30 metres allowing relatively large data centre floors to maintain low power interconnections. Even at full power these chips only draw 3.5W per port.

To enhance speed, collapse the backbone layer to Level 2 rather than Level 3 and bridge rather than route.

The TIA942 standard is going to be given a long overdue rewrite.

Average temperatures have risen to around 27º C with manufacturers now rating their servers to 35º C.

Still on temperatures, it has been found that shielded cables exhibit the lowest temperature rise in a bundle and of course if the cables are dissipating less heat then less energy is required to cool the data centre.  This also allows a different derating factor to be applied so cable runs can be longer at higher temperatures. For these reasons and the fact that shielded cables offer better performance, there are some good reasons to use shielded cable in a data centre.

The Ethernet Alliance are now discussing 40G and 100G Ethernet over twisted pair and Terabit Ethernet is a possibility.

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