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Communication Solutions for the small office/home office

29 Sep 2013 4:53 PM -

If you have a very small business in a retail shop or at home then how do you approach getting your communications right.

In a retail situation you could just have a cordless phone but what happens if another staff member needs to call out to organise a courier for example? Your line is busy to prospective customer. You can send the call to voicemail but you could then get into the telephone tag situation I'm sure we are all familiar with.

My suggestion would be to use a 2-line cordless phone with 2 phone lines. That way your other staff member can call out probably on the main line to show the correct Caller ID and an incoming call will jump over the busy line and ring so it can be answered.

In a home-based business the 2-line phone is also ideal since one line can be for home and the other for business.

In either situation regular Telstra or Optus lines can be used but bear in mind that usually only 2 pairs are connected to most houses meaning only 2 analogue lines. VoIP lines can also be used.

If you need more than 2 lines you will need to go to a phone system but your 2 line cordless phone can be reused on it.

Depending on the phone system used you can have voicemail, auto attendants to direct calls to specific phones or groups of phones, remote extensions either using a physical phone or a software phone on your iPhone or android phone.

If you've got issues with a small retail setup or a home office then contact ICS Technologies. We'll work out what you can do to improve things.

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