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CIsco Meraki

22 Nov 2013 2:39 PM -
We are currently trialling some Cisco Meraki equipment. Meraki is a relatively recent acquisition of Cisco and I think I can see why.

Meraki switches, routers and wireless access points are all managed through a web-based Dashboard so it is easy to see at a glance what various pieces of equipment are doing on various sites, who is connected to them and how much data they are using..

There are other products which offer this but from what I have seen the Cisco Meraki setup is very comprehensive and offers easy VPN setup to allow interconnectivity between sites.

This sort of arrangement is ideal for customers with lots of sites so in the event of a problem it is very easy to see what is up and what is not.

For the application I'm looking at they are a rapidly growing business but only require a basic router and a single access point for their customers. They need to be able access the security cameras and the media server for music and digital signage so Port Forwarding is a must-have. As per other Cisco IOS devices it is possible to set up a DHCP Scope for IP Phones to get the correct information as they boot up.

For this application I'm looking at an MX60 router and an MR12 wireless access point. I will be using a simple ADSL modem so that it is easily replaced when (if...) the NBN becomes a reality and also as a sacrifice in the event of a lightning strike - better to blow up a $50 modem than a $500 router.
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