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Cisco 300 series switches vs HP, D-Link and Netgear

23 Feb 2011 10:12 PM -

Earlier this month Tolly Group tested the Cisco Small Business 300 series range of managed switches against equvalent switches from HP Networking, D-Link and Netgear and found the following:

•    Wire-speed, non-blocking, Layer 2 throughput at all frame sizes tested from 64 to 1518 bytes
•    Consistently low latency at all frame sizes
•    Cisco Systems commissioned Tolly to evaluate several models of the new
•    Best Price/Performance among switches tested
•    Most extensive feature set: IPv6, traffic shaping and rate limiting, scope of GUI-based configuration
•    Lowest power consumption in 2 of the 3 classes tested, and best-in-class power efficiency overall
•    Most extensive set of IPv6 protocol and application support
•    Best usability with a simplified user interface delivering both basic and advanced capabilities in an intuitive fashion

Cisco Small Business and Enterprise networking equipment is available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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