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Checking your phone system music on hold

6 Dec 2012 7:17 PM -

Occasionally the music on hold on your phone system will stop playing leaving callers in silence. They may think you have hung up on them so they may hang up on you and not call back.

It's very easy to check if the music on hold is still playing from the comfort of your desk.

On the Avaya/Nortel BCM range with the phone on hook simply press Feature (the green button with the funny circle on it under the display) 86. This will turn on background music and whatever you have playing will come out the speaker on the phone. To turn it off is Feature #86.

On the Avaya IP Office pick up the phone or leave it on hook and dial *341#. Again you should hear music until you hang up.

If not, have a look at your playback equipment. On the BCM range it's possible for WinAmp to stop playing so you will have to access the web page to start it playing again.

If you have any difficulty please contact us.

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