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Case Study: Wireless Bridging

1 Jul 2013 8:14 PM -

Having had their Patton Ethernet extender working well for several months my mining customer decided they need a PC, a printer and a phone in the store down the other end of the workshop.

The main workshop is about 45 metres wide and the PC needs to go on the other side of the store room a further 6 metres across and through a sheet metal wall.

A wireless bridge is the answer here due to the height but due to the Colorbond wall I throught I would need a second bridge across the storage area for best performance and throughput.

I chose the Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2 which are cheap and simple to implement with excellent performance. In our experience they just work out of the box with minimal configuration.

Designed to work on outside links of up to 10km I should have had a little more faith in the Loco M2 because it got through the metal wall with ease.

With a noise floor of -97dB and a transmit power setting of 18dBm (23dBm is the maximum) a received signal level of -55dB was obtained which allowed a link speed of between 200 and 240Mbps.

The phone had to be an IP phone but this was easily be accommodated on their existing BCM50 phone system simply by adding a license. The phone was powered by PoE using a TP-Link SF1008P network switch which has 8 ports of which 4 have PoE up to a maximum combined output of 53 Watts. This is more than sufficient to be able to put most modern IP phones on all ports.

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