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Case Study: No incoming calls

16 Jun 2013 3:25 PM -

I had a customer in Victoria call me last Thursday in a bit of a panic because they were not receiving calls but they could make calls OK.

This site has a Panasonic TDA200 with both a Primary Rate ISDN and analogue lines. The PRI is a legacy from a former owner and setup with only the analogue lines being used now.

Testing showed that incoming calls simply rang out presumably not ringing on the reception phones.

As it turns out the phone system had inadvertently been switched to night service which is never normally used and is obviously not programmed to go anywhere.

It always pays to check things like Night Service if the system suddenly does not receive calls but outgoing calls are possible or Do Not Disturb if an individual phone is not able to receive calls but otherwise appears to be working correctly.

If a system or phone is in these modes then there is usually an indication on the screen or a programmable button is lit.

Contact ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia if you have niggly problems with your phone system that others say can't be fixed.

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