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Case Study: Ethernet to a remote building

1 Jul 2013 7:33 PM -

Several months ago one of my mining customers needed to move staff into a workshop across the car park.

The building owner had run 2 x 10 pair cables from the main building to the workshop building but no data cable. A wireless bridge between the buildings was an option but height access and concrete drilling would be required to mount the access point outside plus the beam would be interrupted with tall drilling rigs passing between the buildings.

The option we chose was a Patton 2173 Copper Link which provides almost Fast Ethernet speeds up to about 500 metres on a single telephone pair.

These are really easy to implement with a local and remote end. Just connect them up to your pair, plug the power in at each end and let them synchronise.

After a short time you now have an Ethernet link.

Some digital extensions were also required so to avoid any interference I did put them in the other cable but a quick test with an analogue extension on the adjacent pair to the Ethernet link had no interference.

Perle also do Ehernet extenders.

So if you need Internet in a remote building that only has a telephone cable then a Patton or a Perle Ethernet extender could be the answer - both available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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