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Case Study: Cel-Fi mobile repeater

4 Feb 2014 6:45 PM -

In a July 2013 blog posting we introduced the Cel-Fi mobile repeater. This device boosts in-building coverage for those who are on the Telstra NextG network (850MHz). We have just been advised that Optus have approved a version for their frequencies. Please note that the Optus version is geographically locked to an area 36 hours after power up. In those 36 hours it scans the frequencies that are in use. If it is moved then it has to be factory reset and allowed to rescan the frequencies.

I used one of the Telstra versions for one of my customers at Hawthorn on the eastern side of the Brisbane River which looks across to the Botanical Gardens.

Although having reasonable signal strength in all areas of the house, call performance was poor with frequent disconnects and indicated that the house is on the boundary of 2 cells with the stronger but more congested cell being on the other side of the river in the city and the weaker cell west of the house in the suburbs.

Installing the Window Unit at the river side of the house in attempt to boost the city cell made no apparent difference and considerable difficulty was experienced in placing the Coverage Unit to obtain maximum coverage.

When the Window Unit was moved to the other side of the house the effect was much more favourable and appeared to move the cell boundary towards the river side of the house. It was also easier to place the Coverage Unit to obtain a reliable signal from the Window Unit.

The Cel-Fi mobile repeaters are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.

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