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Bundling lines and phone systems

9 Oct 2015 3:42 PM -
We are in discussions with one branch of the major real estate chains who is expanding their offices.

They have a quote from another supplier for a phone system with 30 phones, SIP trunk, new circuit, etc. Their proposal is very vague; while it lists the quantity of phones and the number of buttons it doesn't specify whether they are digital or IP and the monthly charge is quite high.

In pricing up an Avaya solution we can do a much superior system with 40 x IP phones, server-based voicemail, etc to form a good basis to build on at less than $100 a month more. We can get it down to the same price by using the embedded voicemail but for 40 phones I don't believe 6 ports will be enough.

As the other supplier is offering an NEC system they would appear to be cross subsiding the lines by bumping up the cost of the phone system. Upon checking further it appears the other supplier has ties to the former Axis Telecoms that ran foul of the ACCC some years ago with misleading advertising, third line forcing, etc in relation to bundled phone systems with lines.

ICS Technologies will never bundle lines with a phone system and fudge the numbers to make one seem cheaper. Contact us if you need to talk straight about your telecommunications.
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