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Budget Addressable Power Distribution Unit

10 Oct 2011 10:54 PM -

Network addressable PDUs are normally only found in large businesses due to their price.

Small business has the same issues with hung servers and other devices as big business - just on a smaller scale.

Available from ICS Technologies is the IP Power 9258HP 4 port addressable PDU which can control the On/Off/Reboot cycle of each outlet and includes features like Ping Functionality, Telnet, Multi event scheduler, Mutilevel User Login, Blacklist Ability, and more.

With it's watchdog (auto-ping) technology, the 9258HP will automatically monitor devices and restart them if they are not responding. This not only reduces the amount of down time but also ensures maximum up time via the ability to remote reboot from any location with internet access.

  • Built in Web Server to directly access Power Status and Control
  • Power scheduler with built in internal clock to enable daily, weekly, and monthly Power cycles
  • Auto Ping (Watch dog) capability to monitor devices
  • Configuration search utility, to easily find your IP Power device.
  • HTTP Command generator for developer integration
  • E-mail functionality for notifying administrators
  • Log capabilities to store device information and usage
  • Hardware Watchdog design to make sure devices are working properly
  • IP Blacklist capability to block unwanted IP Address
  • CNT Technology – For quick and Easy setup over the internet
  • Logical Outlet naming capability
  • Support HTTP CGI commands / Telnet Commands / RS232 inter control for easy system integration
  • Password Base64 encryption for internet protection.

Each outlet can switch a maximum of 6A at 240V for a total input power of 10A at 240V.

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