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BrightSign announces Twitter fix

15 Jul 2013 7:20 PM -

Earlier this year Twitter changed the way RSS feeds worked and required authentication. At that time all BrightSign players were no longer able to display Twitter feeds.

BrightSign have just released new firmware to complement a new version of BrightAuthor released last week.

Downloads are available from the links below. As both BrightAuthor and firmware are Beta releases the usual caveats apply to using Beta releases in a production environment.

You must update the firmware in the player before publishing a presentation using the latest version of BrightAuthor.

BrightAuthor for all models

Firmware 4.6.46 for HD120, HD220 and HD1020

Firmware 4.6.46 for XD230, XD1030 and XD1230

Firmware 3.10.52 for HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810, HD1010, HD210W and HD1010W

In our early testing both BrightAuthor and the players appear stable.

BrightSign digital signage players are available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia

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