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Billion 7800NXL

22 Feb 2013 5:38 PM -
Billion 7800NXL

Billion have released their new 7800NXL modem/router/wireless access point.

The 7800NXL is billed as NBN-ready as it features triple WAN connections; ADSL2+ modem with Broadcom chipset (reliable connectivity on marginal lines), 3G/4G wireless through a USB port and a Gigabit Ethernet port for either a standalone ADSL2+ modem or the output of a fibre connection such as Telstra Velocity or the NBN.

The Broadcom chipset enables excellent performance over most lines but tends to offer better performance over longer or noisier lines possible at the expense of speed on very short lines.

I have used the older 7404VNPX with a Telstra 4G dongle (after a firmware upgrade) and they are rock solid allowing multiple simultaneous VoIP connections in temporary locations.

 Key Features
  • Triple-WAN ports for 3G/4G LTE, ADSL2+, Gigabit Ethernet WAN (EWAN) for broadband connectivity
  • Gigabit WAN and LAN
  • Fibre (FTTC/FTTP/FTTH) ready with high WAN throughput
  • IPv6 ready (IPv4/IPv6 dual stacks)
  • USB port for print server, NAS, DLNA media server, and 3G/4G LTE USB modem
  • SNR adjustments to achieve highest sync speeds
  • Monitoring of individual LAN ports
  • QoS for traffic prioritization and bandwidth management
  • Broadcom chipset for better stability
  • Multiple wireless SSIDs with wireless guest access and client isolation
  • Supports IPTV applications
  • NBN (National Broadband Network) ready
  • Supports port-based Virtual LAN (VLAN)
  • Available Syslog
  • Dynamic Domain Name System

The Billion 7800NXL and other Billion networking products are available from ICS Technologies is Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement one in your business.

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