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Avaya IP Office Release 9 New Features: Flare Experience

2 Oct 2013 8:11 PM -

Release 9 for IP Office was made Generally Available on the 1st of October. It introduces a number of new features.

one-X Mobile Preferred has received a major upgrade and now allows call transfer and multi-party call conferencing simply by dragging and dropping. Up to 6 people can be in the spotlight, up to 16 people in the scroll list and up to 255 in the conference tab.

Many in-conference controls are available: mute another party, set lecture mode to mute all parties, turn off the entry and exit tones for large conferences continuation so the moderator can leave the conference but the conference stays up until the last party hangs up and more.

VPN-less access is available using the new Avaya SBCE Session Border Controller for small business capable of 500 simultaneous SIP sessions.

These features are available on both the iPad and WIndows versions.

For your Avaya requirements, speak to us at ICS Technologies to see how we can help you.

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