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Avaya IP Office Release 9 New Feature: Call Park Enhancements

2 Oct 2013 9:49 PM -

Release 9 for IP Office was made Generally Available on the 1st of October. It introduces a number of feature enhancements.

Call Parking has been enhanced in three ways.

Firstly, call parking works like it does on the older Business Communications Manager inherited from Nortel. A call that is parked will be assigned to a parking orbit such as 101 which is displayed on the phone and you can retrieve the call from any phone by dialling the displayed code.

Secondly, call parking now works across Small Community Network nodes so in a centralised operator arrangement calls can simply be parked rather than transferred and bounce back if unanswered or go to voicmail.

Lastly, when a call is parked there is the option to immediately go into a paging mode. This is heavily used in retail environments where staff are highly mobile within the retail space.

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