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Avaya introduces the E169 Media Station

26 Jul 2014 5:52 PM -
Recognising that todays workers spend a lot of time away from their desk and may need more features and facilities than can be provided by the traditional desk phone, Avaya has recently introduced the E169 Media Station.

The Avaya E169 IP Media Station is a VoIP SIP deskphone with which you can use your smart device (iPhone, iPad or Android) on your telephone system. The media station provides:
• A standalone SIP deskphone on your enterprise system
• Two functional line appearances that provide options to hold calls, transfer calls, and set up a conference call
• A charging station for your smart device
• A high-quality Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone
• The capability to make calls through a SIP line or through the smart device cellular network Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Avaya E169 IP Media Station supports the most popular iOS and Android smart devices that enterprise workers use. The media station facilitates enterprise-grade integration with Avaya IP Office Release 9.0.3 and later telephony servers.

The media station app can route calls over the wired SIP network of the telephony server or over the wireless network of the cellular carrier. Whether the calls route over SIP or the wireless network, the media station speakerphone or wired handset provides unmatched audio quality. The media station has six broadband speakers, four digital microphones, and one passive radiator. This unique and innovative acoustic design uses the speakerphone in hands-free mode with unequaled quality. You can use the media station for large conference calls or listen to your music or podcasts.

These innovative technologies improve performance by using wide-band or high definition codec G.722. You can discern every nuance of the human voice. The media station reduces nasal sounds and you can discern similar sounding consonants such as S and F. You no longer need to repeat as your conferences are now crystal clear and stress-free.

The media station uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an optional AC power adapter. With this power arrangement, you can charge your smart devices when you connect your devices to the media station.

A more economical version, the E159, will be released in August. The E169 will come into stock in mid-August and will be available from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.
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