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Are you considering a new phone system for 2014?

17 Nov 2013 3:03 PM -

Behind your staff, your phone system is essential to business so why put up with an outdated system possibly with hidden reliability time bombs?

The Avaya IP Office is currently on Release 9 which introduces many new features and improvements on existing features such as Flare which allows allows you to use your iPad or Windows PC as an extension with video capabilities, enhancements to the one-X mobile application, capacity improvements and virtualisation on the Server Edition.

Existing IP500v2 systems running older software can easily and relatively cheaply be updated and function like a brand new system. IP500v1 systems can be updated but they are not capable of most of the new features.

If you are considering a phone system and are not sure if the Avaya IP Office is right for your business then give us a call. We can discuss your needs and what you would gain by investing in a new phone system.
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