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Another headscratcher of a fault

11 Nov 2014 5:08 PM -
I don't know what's going on in the world of telephony at the moment - maybe blame sunspots but we had another headscratcher of a fault.

The symptoms were the caller was getting a recording part way through a long-ish call "your recording has finished" when calling their head office. There was also intermittent double connections. Head office was also experiencing some voicemail weirdness with conversations having been recorded.

The site with problems is in Woolloowin and has an Avaya IP Office Rel 8.1 Essential Ed with 2 VoIP lines through World Dial Point and 3 Telstra PSTN lines. Head Office in in Milton and has an Avaya BCM50 Rel 3 with ISDN20 Primary Rate ISDN and direct indial also with a couple of World Dial Point VoIP lines. A thorough investigation was made of the VoIP lines at Woolloowin to check that call recording wasn't set up. World Dial Point were very helpful as usual and checked call records which showed no double connections.

I decided to turn Automatic Route Selection off and bypass the VoIP lines temporarily. A test call grabbed Line 3 which is Telstra and the call to the number ID robot gave me a readback of the line number plus a simultaneous readback of a line with a blocked number so that part of the mystery has been solved - Telstra line fault. Loop current was a giveaway at 80mA - well above the normal 30 to 35mA although all the lines seemed 'hot'.

I had to go to head office to install a couple more phones so I was able to investigate the voicemail weirdness and on the drive had a brainwave - 2 calls were being originated to the same indial number so the first call got through but the second got forwarded on busy to voicemail. I checked the Class Of Service for the voicemail and found it is set up with a 5 minute limit for each message so when the call got to 5 minutes that's where the mystery recording came from.

It's faults like this that keeps the job interesting.

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