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Another example of misleading conduct

17 Mar 2015 7:10 PM -
We were referred a prospect (victim) who currently has a phone system through Clear Telecoms that is fortunately coming to the end of term so they are looking for information to make a comparison between keeping the existing NEC or going with something new.

The NEC SV-8100 they have is now obscolescent, having been replaced with the SV-9xxx series so it probably wouldn't be wise to keep it but after asking a few questions the lady told me the whole sad story of how they were signed up at $400 a month including lines but after the particular sales organisation had closed and disappeared they were being charged $650 a month plus lines.

Having run a few calculations on an Avaya system that would more than suit them we can come up with $258 ex GST a month over 4 years and even if we go completely over the top with a system including touchscreen phones ($7,000 just on phones..!) the rental is only $500 a month over 4 years so, sadly as seems to be the case in telecommunications they have been completely ripped off for almost 5 years. Apparently the financier was associated with the original sales organisation too. It would be very interesting to see what the payout figure is if they chose to keep it.

Unfortunately they have only recently signed a 5-year deal with another provider for the lines so we don't have the opportunity to reduce their ongoing cost further but we are patient and will keep track of the expiry of that contract and look to move them across to another product - possibly VoIP if it suits - when we can.

ICS Technologies is an Avaya Authorised Partner based in Brisbane, Australia but servicing the South Pacific through a network of trusted subcontractors. We will never bundle a 'free' phone system with lines but prefer to sell or rent you a phone system then suggest the most suitable provider for lines such as Telstra, Optus, Community Telco or a VoIP provider such as World Dial Point to keep the pricing of both aspects transparent.