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Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone

17 Nov 2014 6:52 PM -
Algo 8028 Door Phone

Using the same compact form factor and 2 wire connection as the familiar Commander NT or Avaya/Nortel BCM door station, the Algo 8028 is in fact a highly flexible SIP Door Phone.

The NT/BCM door station is proprietary in that it acts as a digital phone so if upgrading to an Avaya IP Office for example you would have to use a TCM card to support it - a considerable expense for possibly 1 legacy digital device.

Using the Algo 8028, all that would be required would be a 3rd party SIP endpoint license which would be a considerable cost saving.

Using the 8028 SIP door phone would mean you could place it remotely; perhaps in a building connected by a wireless link that you couldn't otherwise get a digital connection into. The door phone itself can be placed up to 300 metres away from the SIP controller making it very adaptable to building refurbishments as it would not be necessary to recable with 4 pair to enable an Ethernet connection.

The Algo 8028 is available from ICS Technologies is Brisbane, Australia. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to implement one in your business.

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