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300Mbps over DSL?

26 Apr 2010 9:52 PM -

Using an ancient technique developed in the late 1800's called 'phantom circuit' with other recognised techniques called vectoring and bonding, Alcatel-Lucent researchers have been able to create a VDSL (Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line) circuit capable of 300Mbps over 400 metres or 100Mbps over 1km.

The phantom circuit was created by using at least 2 pairs of copper wires and using one wire out of each of the pairs to create a third circuit. It was used successfully on long distance circuits for both voice and telegraph.

Service providers can already deliver VDSL circuits of 80 to 100Mbps but when a second circuit is added the performance is degraded due to crosstalk between the two circuits.

By using vectoring, a noise canceling technology, the crosstalk is eliminated or reduced to a sufficiently low level not to cause performance degradation to the two circuits.

Bonding makes it possible to take the individual lines and aggregate them.

Field trials are expected to commence in 2011.

This technology may prove very useful to the National Broadband Network. Imagine being able to retrofit a RIM, upgrade the backhaul and being able to deliver a high percentage of the performance of the NBN without having to lay fibre. Cable or fibre infrastructure is still the most expensive part of a build with the electronics on each end being relatively cheap.

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