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2N Helios IP Verso

1 Nov 2013 10:32 PM -
2N have announced the new Helios IP Verso door intercom to complement their existing range of door intercoms such as the Uni and the Force.

The Verso continues the features of the existing models but introduces important new features such as a high resolution (1280 x 960 pixels) infrared camera with integrated lighting and an RFID card reader that supports a variety of the commonly available cards.

2N are development partners with a variety of PABX manufacturers such as Avaya so the product has been interoperability tested to ensure correct operation.

We have personally installed a number of these door intercoms onto Avaya IP Office and find them very easy to program and flexible to use. Multiple door intercoms can be easily identified and once a call has been placed then it can be directed and redirected as required.

The 2N Helios IP Verso will be available in 2014 from ICS Technologies in Brisbane, Australia.
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