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Bundling lines and phone systems

9 Oct 2015 3:42 PM -

We are in discussions with one branch of the major real estate chains who is expanding their offices.

They have a quote from another supplier for a phone system with 30 phones, SIP trunk, new circuit, etc. Their proposal is very vague; ...

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Another example of misleading conduct

17 Mar 2015 7:10 PM -

We were referred a prospect (victim) who currently has a phone system through Clear Telecoms that is fortunately coming to the end of term so they are looking for information to make a comparison between keeping the existing NEC or going with some...

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New Xirrus XR-320

7 Mar 2015 1:38 PM -

Xirrus have introduced the new XR-320 wall mounted access point - the first with 802.11ac capabilities.

The XR-320 is designed to be retrofitted into an existing wall plate, split a single network cable ...

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Versatility of the Avaya IP Office

7 Mar 2015 12:09 PM -

One of our largest customers is implementing a project to turn some of their facilities into 24 hour operations and for this they have gone with analogue door stations as duress panels with 8 or more per location. ...

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"Roll your own" UPS battery packs

8 Jan 2015 6:07 PM -

Manufacturers such as APC, supply replacement battery packs, identified as RBC2, RBC4, etc., complete with wires, fuses and connectors as required depending on the UPS configuration and requirements. On the larger models, more than one RB...

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New phone system for 2015

8 Jan 2015 5:59 PM -

Behind your staff, your phone system is essential to business so why put up with an outdated system possibly with hidden reliablility time bombs.

The Avaya IP Office is currently...

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New BrightSign digital signage players

2 Dec 2014 11:22 AM -

BrightSign have announced a refresh of their range of HD and XD digital signage players offering greatly increased performance while maintaining existing price points. BrightSign also unveiled its new LS line of lo...

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5 reasons to deploy an on-site telephone system - part 5

29 Nov 2014 1:19 PM -

Reason #5 - maintain IT’s strategic role

This factor is highly important in enterprise settings, where the IT organisation is large and a great deal is at stake with VoIP. Things scale down quite a bit w...

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5 reasons to deploy an on-site telephone system - part 4

29 Nov 2014 1:09 PM -

Reason #4 - better partner relationships

This may not seem like an obvious factor, but when the analysis to this point has been considered, the value of partner relationships becomes amplified when adopt...

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5 reasons to deploy an on-site telephone system - part 3

29 Nov 2014 12:49 PM -

Reason #3 - lower cost over time

This factor should resonate strongly among businesses that have been around for quite a few years. With legacy telephony, businesses typically had to buy a phone system f...

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5 reasons to deploy an on-site telephone system - part 2

29 Nov 2014 12:41 PM -

Reason #2 - control over the solution

Owning a telephone system has certain advantages that don’t come with leasing, and control is one that has a lot of value for businesses. This is where the certainty...

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5 reasons to deploy an on-site telephone system - part 1

29 Nov 2014 12:19 PM -

In this series of articles we will discuss the factors and reasons why you should have an on-site telephone system.

There are probably many factors and considerations behind your decision to adopt VoIP. ...

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Overselling for Profit

27 Nov 2014 4:50 PM -

We had a subcontract install to do recently for a Sydney-based company opening a retail store in Brisbane. The install had come through one of our Victorian partners who had been asked by a Telstra to arrange the i...

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Algo 8028 SIP Door Phone

17 Nov 2014 6:52 PM -

Using the same compact form factor and 2 wire connection as the familiar Commander NT or Avaya/Nortel BCM door station, the Algo 8028 is in fact a highly flexible SIP Door Phone.

The NT/BCM door station is proprietary in that it acts as...

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SIP Audio Alerter

14 Nov 2014 6:37 PM -

In factories or other noisy situations, loud ringers are often used to indicate incoming call where the ringer in the phone just cannot be heard.

These ringers usually have an analogue connection back into the phone system.


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